It seems South African medical practioners have been slow to realise the benefits of having their own WEB presence. The benefits of a WEB presence and using the internet to communicate to patients, colleagues and suppliers, is not debatable anymore, you simply have to be online if you want to remain competitive. Practioners who embrace this technology will have a decided advantage over colleagues who do not.

It appears as if the barrier to entry has been price and the availability of IT technocrats that can interpret the medical practioner's requirements effectively is focussed on servicing medical practioners and we believe, through being focussed exclusively on the medical industry, that we can deliver professional solutions that will add enormous value to your practice, regardless of your budget.

Why use DrOnline as your WEB developer?

  • Professional results regardless of budget.
  • We understand medical practioner's content requirements.
  • Packages tailored specifically to your requirements.
  • We're Medical Search Engine Experts (Search Engine Optimisation). What is SEO?

Advancements in webdesign tools, hosting costs and bandwidth, have substantially reduced the costs of designing and owning ones own WEBsite. WEBsites can range in price from a couple of hundered rand to tens of thousands. There are a multitude of options available and practioners do not necessarily have the time to spend on designing and sfiting through all these options.

We focus on the latter Practioners, (orthopaedic, neurosurgeons, paediatric, urology, pathology, etc.)  those that understand the need for a WEB presence but do not have the capability, or time, to create and manage the presence. We provide aesthetically pleasing WEBsites that are fit for purpose and pocket, the sites are content manageable(self help if desired), interactive for the patients, and are functional  in that they improve the patient experience, as well as save time for the practioner.

Sites are easily upgraded, changed or given aesthetic "facelifts" if required at a nominal fee, i.e. no prohibitive "forklift" upgrade cost.

... contact our sale department for a free onsite demo and quotation at contacts.


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